Corporate development 1865 to today

auftrag 1941

Photo: Order 1941

1865 1885 1886 1913 1919 1919-1929 1929-1933 1934-1942 1943-1944 1949 1955 1955-1972 1965 1973 1974-1985 1987 1988-heute


Foundation of the company by August Haas in Offenbach, Taunusstr. 12. Crates and barrels are produced by 8 employees for assembly components and consumables


The widow Leopoldine Haas takes over the management. Primarily production of crates for the leather industry



Acquisition of a steam engine with transmitter function for the drive of the sawing and planing equipment. The demand for crates increased due to the increasing industrialisation at the turn of the century. Companies such as Gebr. Heyne, MSO, Lavis, Schmalz, Collet & Engelhart took up residence in a new “industrial region Offenbach Hafen"


As a result of the consistently increasing demand for wooden packaging, a relocation to a new, larger production facility in the Nordring 142 in Offenbach becomes necessary


The sons Heinrich, Wilhelm and Philipp Haas take over the management

1919 -1929

The company can continue to be enlarged and modernised due to the economic revival


Economic crisis and - in light of that - a severe slump in production


The economic situation begins to improve. New types of crates are introduced to improve the load capacity

1943 / 1944

1943 partially- and 1944 totally bombed out. Work is continued outdoors


Kisten Haas is the first company to obtain approval for production from the military government because none of the managers was a member of the party. Provisional reconstruction


Marianne Szekelyi, née Haas and her husband Laszlo Szekelyi take over the management.


Corporate initiative and vision help return to former success. The company is rebuilt and new production methods are introduced


An industrial packaging division is established due to the growing economy and the increased demand resulting from this. Kisten Haas quickly establishes itself as the market leader in this sector


Repeated expansion. Relocation of the company to Dietzenbach in a new hall with 3800 sqm production area and a crane system with a load capacity of 12.5 tons


Expansion of the industrial packaging division. Continuous optimisation of the company’s own production methods and the machinery associated with it


Expansion of the production facility in the form of a new hall with 3600 sqm of floor space and an additional crane system with a load capacity of 32.5 tons

1988 - heute

The son Tibor Szekelyi takes over the management. Rationalisation of production, to reduce reaction times and delivery times for wooden packaging and packaging services. Expansion of the vehicle fleet. Expansion of the service sector Packaging. Implementation and optimisation of logistic processes. Formation of partnerships in Germany and Europe.


Enlargement of the camp area of the wooden raw materials


Introduction of a quality management - systems.


Computer controll wood cutting CMS- systems


Removal of the service industry packaging. Implementing and optimisation of logistic expiries.


Education of partnerships in Germany and Europe.


Opening of the location Straubing.


Introduction of a central order system.


Certificated RB by the aviation Federal Office


Separation of the production plant in dust free packaging area.


150 years of Kisten Haas.


Enlargement of the vehicle park to 24 vehicles.

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