Overview Products


Cargo Kiste

Cargobox (Folding box)                 

Applications (Wood/Metal)          


Export box IPPC

Glass rack

Danger good boxes

Wood box

Wooden palette

Wooden shed type 1

Wooden shed type 2

Wooden shed type 3

Box with installations

Box system of piece of art

Box of silk screen records

Combination packaging

Warehouse container / lift vans

Aerial cargo box

Massive wood box

More way box

Fair box with lift screws

Fair box divisible

OSB box

Palette (Rack)

Palette (Special measure)

Palette (Treacly load)

Palette (More way)

Palette (One way)

Special measure box

Sea packaging
Savings packaging

Plywood box (Open)

Plywood box

Plywood box (Frame)

Plywood box (Frame2)

Plywood box (HPE)
Standard box Specially formats

Transport ground

Box for Pieces of art Transportframe

Dispatch box

Shed Shed with profile

Roller box  



 Overview packaging aid



LPD Shrink foil

Fire-fighting spray

Airbags (Upholsterer)
Air cushion foil

Stack foam

Stack list protection

Upholsterer material

Polyethylen Foli

Stencils (mark)

Foam boards
Security seal tape

Security seals

Push indicator



Packaging wood



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