Branch solutions

The automotive industry places the highest demands on packaging. The focus is on protection against damage during transportation.

Construction elements
Construction elements such as windows require particularly secure packaging made of wood with air cushions.

We provide hazardous goods packaging in accordance with national and international regulations for land, air and sea transportation.

Electrical engineering
Electronic components should not only be protected against mechanical effects, but also against moisture and static charges.

Conveyor technology
We ensure adaptation to industrial plants in terms of dimensions and stackability of packaging. (Link)

Industrial plant
Dismantling and assembly of complete machines and plants (new or old) worldwide are possible. (Link)

Art trade
Objects of art can have different dimensions and materials, therefore an individual solution for packaging must be adapted.

Medical technology
Medical technology products are very sensitive and very delicate. They may have to be shipped with vibrating floors and a damping system.

Mechanical engineering
In mechanical engineering, there are almost no limits to the size and weight of objects. Individual solutions that guarantee the safety of the transport against damage or e.g. slipping of the object are required. (Link)

Trade fair construction
Transport boxes that can be opened and closed again and again are required for exhibition goods. At the same time, however, they also offer permanent protection. (Link)

Heavy industry
Even extreme industrial objects are no challenge, such as the packaging of a 96-ton cast part. (Link).

Steel industry
Pallets (heavy duty) for the transportation of semi-finished goods. (Link)

Space-optimized, appropriate stowage of your packages in containers with optimum use of space. (Link)