Here is a list of particularly frequently asked questions


Q) - Can goods be packed at short notice?

A) - Yes, within 24 hours.


Q) - Are there limits to the size of the object?

A) - We pack "almost" everything, as long as it can be transported.


Q) - Can Kisten Haas complete an order?

A) - Yes, including transport, packaging, planning, customs, etc.


Q) - Is the packaging made according to country-specific import regulations?

A) - Yes, according to IPPC/ISPM15, eg heat treated.


Q) - Is the packaging suitable for all transport routes?

A) - Yes, for air, sea, rail and land transportation.


Q) - Transport to everywhere possible?

A) - Yes, worldwide.


Q) - Relocation of complete industrial plant?

A) - Yes, disassembly and reassembly of complete machines or systems.


Q) - What is the advantage of complete processing by Kisten Haas?

A) - Manpower savings & avoidance of damage, production losses, delays, production downtime, etc.


Q) - Is there reusable packaging?

A) - Yes, particularly interesting for standard processes.


Q) - Are you also a Regulated Air Cargo Agent?

A) - Yes, we deliver air freight packaging according to the Aviation Security Act.


Q) - Own storage capacities available

A) - Yes, 4000sqm warehouse area (inside) heated, 24 hours guard & video surveillance.


Q) - Are there flyers or videos about the company Kisten Haas & Fachbereich

A) - Yes, under these link PDFs or link videos.