Safety and quality through qualified employees

For us, safety and quality rank first in the production of wooden packaging as well as in providing services associated with it. As a member of the professional group „Packaging according to HPE standard”, Kisten Haas has committed itself to providing for the routine further training of its employees at special packaging seminars. The seminars at the College of Wood Technology Bad Wildungen consist of a basic and advanced training course.

The following subject areas are trained

  • Structural analysis of packaging
  • Securing of the cargo within the packaging
  • Securing the packed cargo on the means of transport
  • Professional production of customised packaging means for any possible application
  • Stowing of packages in containers

Intensive in-house and external seminars are based on these courses, e.g. in the areas of

  • Securing of cargo according to DIN
  • Safety inspector occupational safety
  • Safety inspector air freight safety
  • Material management (logistics)

Many of the systems, which are prepared for transport, consist of hundreds of individual parts, which must be commissioned and packed according to customer specifications. In order to ensure a continuous high packaging quality as well as smooth running operational sequences, the vocational and further training of your employees is expedient and essential.

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