Objectives and market requirements determine our actions

Our corporate objective is to make the respectively ideal product available to our customers at any time and any place at the best possible conditions.

We consistently enhance our products and services and in doing so, comply with market and customer needs as well as various country and legal specifications and therefore, provide for a continuous optimisation process.

We always supply our products in the same consistent, optimal quality and at the stipulated delivery times. At the same time, we offer consequent flexibility, e. g. to be able to react to deadline shifts on the part of our customers, in terms of supply chain management.


For all routes of transport

  • Truck transport
  • Container transport
  • Aerial cargo
  • Road transport
  • Lake transport

If we pack theirs

  • Arrangements
  • Machines
  • Spare parts
  • Komponeten
  • Accessories
  • Vehicles
  • Treacly property
  • Danger property

The integration of the newest technology like GPS detection belongs to it of course.

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