Partner for your PM- and Logistic Concepts

As a service provider and true partner, we support you in logistic matters pertaining to your global supply chain management.

We organise smooth processes - from the bid-phase to the implementation of all assembly-, packaging- and transportation issues. In global business, we execute all tasks associated with customs for export and import, the pre-, main- and follow-up transports as well as moving your materials into facilities, storage and assembly.

We offer this service for the smallest packed units as well as for large systems.

Already existing concepts can be reviewed concerning feasibility and quality, efficiency and costs. We also assist in the inspection of tender documents, terms and conditions of letters of credit or we can provide you with valuable tips regarding international country-specific regulations. If required, we can suggest respective optimisation measures.

This is important in the bid-phase as well as in the order execution phase, due to the fact that the basis of feasibility as well as the rationalisation potentials must ideally be established during the bid-phase to be able to implement the respective possibilities in the order processing phase.

This enables our customers to reduce interfaces and to relieve their own resources as well as production and storage areas.

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