Auxiliary packaging materials from Kisten Haas

We provide you with all auxiliary materials required for packaging your goods.

Everything from one source saves you time and money in purchasing the products and sourcing the respective suppliers.

In the following, please find a selection from our product range. Should you be looking for a product, which is not listed here, please feel free to contact us.

Wood for packaging Board material  Padding material Foil products    
Foil products (Covers) Drying agents Fastening material Indicators
Packing list protection Marking Container stowage acc  



01 - Wood for packaging
verpackungsholz Square timber

80/60, 80/80, 80/100, 100/100, 100/120, 120/140, 160/180mm

18/80, 18/100, 24/48, 24/80, 24/100, 30/100, 40/90mm

24, 28, 38mm random width. Other dimensions upon request.

 02 - Board material

Plywood boards 2440x1220mm AW 100 bonded
In the thicknesses 10 / 12 / 15 / 18mm

OSB Platten

OSB panels 2500x1250mm
In the thicknesses 10 / 12mm

 03 - Padding material


Bubble wrap 150x1.5m total 225 sqm / thickness 50µm

Bubble wrap 125µm / adhesive
1 roll = 150x0.2m


Packaging foam 1.0mm 1.25 x 500m
Packaging foam 1.5mm 1.25 x 350m
Packaging foam 3.0mm 1.25 x 175m


Foam sheets 30 KG / CBM
Dimensions 2000x1200mm
In the thicknesses 10, 20, 40, 50, 60, 90mm

 04 - Foil products
Strechfolie Stretch foil 17µm / 0.5x300m / box each with 6 rolls

vci folie 01

Polyethylene foil 160µm
Roll widths 300, 400, 500, 600, 800cm, each 50 running metres
Roll widths 1000, 1200cm, each 25 running metres

vci folie 02 VCI foil 150µm
Roll widths 600cm, each 50 running metres
 alufolie rollem Aluminium compound foil complies with DIN 55531-1
Roll widths 100, 125, 150cm, each 50 running metres
LPD Schrumpffolie

LPD shrink foil white / cream
Foil thickness 200 / 250 / 300 / 350 / 400µm
Up to 8m width and on roll with 25 running metres
Fire retardant compliant with DIN 4102-B1
UV protective for at least 12 months

 05 - Foil products tailored to box liners, covers
konfektionierte folien Made of polyethylene foil, VCI foil, aluminium compound foil
 06 - Drying agents according to DIN
Trockenmittel Bag with set of 16 units
07 -  Fastening material

Polyester strap 19mm / 400 running metres. Type: SR 74 / tensile force: 850 kg

Wire strap clamps for 19mm strap (1000 pcs./box)

bandspanner  Strap tensioner P 380 for polypropylene and polyester straps 12-19mm
Klebeband Adhesive tape 50mm 66 running metres
 08 - Indicators
Feuchteindikator Humidity indicator cards 30-80% for display window
Display window complete
Schockindikator Shock indicator, G-value 30 incl. mounting flange and warning decal
Kippindikator Tip indicator Tip-N-Tell with barrier line, adhesive
 09 - Packing list protection
packlistenabdeckungen  Aluminium packing list cover 20x15x0.5cm
Packing list bag for this, closes in front type A
Aluminium packing list cover 28x20x0.5cm
Packing list bag for this, closes in front type B
10 -  Marking
Markierungsschablonen Stencils according to your specifications made of oil board
Letter height 2 to 10cm
 Mark Farbe  Roller Kissen - Neutral2 Marking ink NPO black / red / content 950 ml
Ink pad 12x20cm in metal casing
Brayer 8cm wide, 5cm ø
Lösch Spray Neutral2 Cover-up spray colour beige-brown content 400 ml
 11 - Container stowage accessories



High security seals


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