Warehouse management

Establishment and management of a consolidation warehouse

You order from your sub-supplier and upon request, we take over the complete processing for you at our company – e.g. from your supplier to our logistics centre in which we manage your order picking warehouse.

  • Acceptance of the consignments at our head office up to a unit weight of 32 t
    (please request an individual quotation for heavier weights)
  • Incoming goods inspection for damages, quantities, weights and/or your specifications
  • Contents inspection for damages, quantities, weights and compared to your order placed at the supplier’s
  • Notifications of receipt, upon request in the format you specify or directly into your EDP
  • Picking according to your specified dates, products and quantities
  • Handling of return shipments and retrofitting measures
  • Connection to your EDP


Import storage management and picking

You import machinery, equipment, components or consumer products but do not have
the necessary equipment or resources to handle the distribution?

Ask us about our solutions, for due to our ideal location (Werk Dietzenbach) near the Rhine-Main airport, the most important north/south and east/west motorways as well as inland waterways, we have an excellent transportation connection, which helps you shorten response times and reduce costs. Also the work has Straubing traffic-technically a very well binding to the motorway network for the East European space.

Bar code processing

The application of bar codes increases the efficiency in the handling of goods through IT connections. Prior to any deliveries to our logistics centre, we gladly send you the required bar codes, which you can then either attach to the units, which are to be scanned, yourself or have your supplier attach them.


Advantages for them

  • Avoidance of traffic jam in the production.
    They save expensive storeroom and are more adaptable with it.
  • Precisely in time
    Production in time, because we not only her ready goods, but also theirs
    Half-done parts and ancillary products camp down.
  • Time profit and space profit
    While we pack after her default and store, her specialist staff are able
    the core duties process.
  • Everything from a hand
    They avoid communication problems if they only one service provider have. A = collection
    to Z = duty winding up
  • Sure order winding up
    Certificated services of certified and trained staff.

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