Conception & Consulting


In the process of the logistics expiries and production processes it is to be incorporated to us importantly your wishes and needs.

Besides, the following points are considered

  • Does the application from Mehrweg-bring an advantage to one-way packages?
  • Are the costs of different routes of transport considered?
  • Are the costs included by transport aid?
  • Does the introduction of a standard bring advantages?
  • Is the time involved considered for packing and Entpacken?
  • Are the weights of the stack pieces optimum?
  • Is the stack aid to the respective climate zones adapted?
  • Are fulfilled the demands for transport system truck - ship - road - airplane?
  • Should stack systems be able of pile?


The right way is not always "cheap", but can become expensive, all in all

  • A product damage originates from damages of the packaging
  • Late delivery by transport problems on account of defective packaging
  • Defective packaging can cause product damage.
  • Add-on costs by production shutdown if logistics expiries are not optimised.
  • If stocks on hand are brought together not in time.

Planning by the dispatch

  • To theirs 
  • To us
  • To the customer

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