Transport control

In order to be able to inspect the condition of the internal packaging and the proper handling of your packages at the place of destination, we recommend the use of indicators and/or data loggers.


Easy quality assurance using indicators

Humidity, tip and shock indicators are available in several G-values.


Photo: Inspection of the cargo using humidity and shock indicators

Data loggers

Ideal quality assurance of your sensitive goods using data loggers

Transport data recorders (data loggers) record the transport, handling and storage conditions of your products completely and without any chance of corrupting this data - from the production to the final destination.

Relevant and measurable influencing factors for your consignment are speed, vibration, temperature, moisture and air pressure.

Various types and models of data loggers enable an individual and cost-benefit oriented selection for your specific logistic requirements.

To the pursuit of her goods and for the protection against theft, we can equip the packaging with GPS-Tracker. Any time know where her product is.

Ascertainable data and the exposure profiles, which can be generated from this are

  • Packaging design and optimisation
  • Selection of means of transport
  • Prevention of unjustified claims in liability cases
  • Proof for justified claims in liability cases

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