There are a number of possibilities to protect your valuable goods against corrosion during transport as well as during storage. Different methods are used depending on the material composition, means of transport, storage time and place of storage.


Desiccant method

The goods to be packed are shrink wrapped in a water-vapour-proof barrier layer with the addition of drying agents (quantity according to DIN 55473). The air in the wrapping is withdrawn using suction. The drying agent reduces the air humidity inside the packaging and depending on the quantity added, provides for a consistent dehydrogenation during the specified time period.

The barrier layer material we use is:

  • Polyethylene film 200µm for travelling and storage time up to 12 months
  • Aluminium multilayer film for longer travelling and storage time as well as for shipments to countries with extreme sub-zero temperatures or storage outdoors

For painted/varnished goods, it is recommended to adapt the protective foil to the storage conditions, in order to avoid discolouration (e. g. due to UV radiation).

VCI method

VCI active substances are corrosion protection molecules, which have a perceptible vapour pressure even at low temperatures and which surround the object to be protected with a complete and long-term effective inert gas.

VCI can be applied to the surfaces which are to be protected in the form of powder, spray, oil, paper or foil or be wrapped with them. In the process, the corrosive media is not eliminated but rendered harmless by means of chemical reaction. The requirements for this are metal surfaces, which are completely free of grease, as well as blocking off the external air using a barrier foil, in which the saturation vapour pressure of the VCI medium is maintained.

konservierung vci

Protective layer method

When using this method, an even protective layer of the suitable anti-corrosion agent is immediately sprayed or brushed onto the bare parts of the goods to be packed after they have been cleaned and dried.

Dust and splash water protection

A cover made of polyethylene foil protects your goods against external influences such as rain, snow, dust during short distance transport and storage in closed halls. This method does not provide protection against corrosion!

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